Sunday, October 14, 2007

From a Distance.........

So I just found out that you can post to Blogger remotely. You can email pictures along with a caption from a cellphone. Unfortunately I bought my cellphone over three years ago and picked the cheapest one available. That means no camera phone for me. That also means that you will have to figure out posting pictures from a camera yourself.

However I can still post to blogger remotely through email. In settings there is an email tab. In there you can set up an email address to send your posts to. This way you can post to your blog any time that you can access email. Just as a test I am sending this post through email. It looks as if the subject of the email becomes the title of your post.
Be careful about that email address. Anybody who knows it can post to your blog.


cey something said...


I created a scrapbook and attempted to post it back to my blog. It says it posted successfully but doesn't show (at least not where I am looking:). I did create a blogger email for it to post to under settings. Can't quite figure this out. Any suggestions?

Gary Ball said...

Thelma I sent you an Email on your work email.