Friday, November 30, 2007

So just what are these Blog things?

Common Craft is a production company. To quote their website "Our product is explanation." Explanations are what they do and they do it well (with great diagrams and simple common words). I really enjoy their videos - clear, concise, and to the point. The little paper animations are lots of fun too.

What I learned from this particular video describes exactly how and why WebBlogs (Blogs) have been an important innovation. Yes they are an easy way for somebody to post up their daily thoughts and ramblings, but they are much, much more. Blogs take the media out of the hands of the giants and gives it to us little guys (and no not all of us are Davids). Anybody with access to a computer can easily become a publisher.


Sassy said...


Priscilla Fjeldstrom said...

I love how you say that it takes it out of the giant's hand and into the hands of us little guys; so true! I am getting really addicted to blogging and reading blogs. It is contagious!

Gary Ball said...

Ya, I can't wait to browse my reader when I get home everyday. I keep adding more blogs so that more entries show up every day. CoolCatTeacher has set up a delicious bookmark group of educational blogs. I will post it up (just give me a couple of days to get to it).