Saturday, June 14, 2008

End of the Year Teaching - Another Fun Parody

Pcone and P. Fjeldstrom both have been having some fun with Monty Python teaching parody videos. I figured I should add in my impressions of end of the year teaching. Pay close attention to the monks.


pcone said...

If all of us post Monty Python vids as parodies of our teaching experience at the end of the year, we can truly say, "We're all individuals!" ("I'm not!")

My all-time favourite joke is,"The masochist says, "beat me, beat me!" and the sadist says, "No!" which fits right in with our theme here...

P. Fjeldstrom said...

I just love this Monty Python clip! "Why do witches burn?" "Because they are made of wood?" "GOOOD!"
Such a teachable moment - haha!

Love it!