Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zombies in Plain English

The folks at Common Craft had some fun last Halloween. I figured I should bring it up again. Enjoy this little gem.


Morag Riddell said...

This makes me think of a horror movie I watched a couple of weekends ago "Dawn of the Dead." A lot of the tips in this little video were followed in the movie but the outcome was still everyone died or I think they did. As the credits rolled the movie continued after the last few characters had escaped on a boat. I think I like the silly Hollywood version better than the Scientific version in you following post.

Morag Riddell said...

If only those characters in "Dawn of the Dead" had seen this. Wait I think they did. They followed most of the rules ... a shopping mall instead of Costco ... killing those who were bitten (oops and a few innocents along the way) ... and the boat. Did they actually reach safety though? It was hard to tell as the credits rolled. I think the Hollywood version is definitely more fun than the Scientific one.