Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mac Loses

So I finally got to play a little bit with one of our school's Mac laptops (apparently everyone else shares as poorly as I do). I figured that I would try to create a time lapse video just like I did in Windows Movie Maker (see the post here). There were a significant number of swears, throwing things, curses, threats, and finally tears before I finally got Windows Movie Maker to work - but iMovie still lost.

DISCLAIMER - (Stuff the Lawyer made me put in)
I am not a Mac user. This is the first significant experience I have ever had with a Mac. I don't really know how to use them. But I did approach the project with an open mind.

I had guides up on the screen (of my PC that is). I pressed buttons. I slid sliders. I attempted to right click. I read help guides. Then I gave up. I was unable to create a time lapse video with iMovie. I did not find iMovie to be as intuitive as I expected. Windows Movie Maker made more sense to me. This might be because I am unfamiliar with Macs but I had never really used Windows Movie Maker before either.

The good thing about the Mac? No cussing and swearing (I did try this in school with little ears around). That and it never crashed.


Mark Kowalski said...

I would always use Movie Maker for time lapse video. I actually prefer Movie Maker for most simple video edits (don't tell the other Mac users).

Anonymous said...

I haven't got a chance to check out the new imovie yet but I am getting worried. The last version of imovie I used was very very easy. I first walked into it never using movie editing software before. I liked how imovie seperated my chunk of movie into various clips. This made it much easier to cut parts I did not want out. Compared to Windows Movie Maker I thought imovie was much more effecient, seamless, and far less time consuming. It also seems much more capable of handling video (especially high quality) than Movie Maker. But I have heard that imovie has taken a turn for the worse. If anybody actually reads Gary's blogs...does anybody out there have much experience with the latest imove?


Dawnriser said...

You need to to use iMovie 6 for this kind of work. It's now a free download from the Apple site. The new iMovie (08) is good for quickly editing camcorder clips, but hopeless with stills.