Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Player

This story is going around my school right now. (I think that somebody saw it at a presentation and passed it on to the rest of us). It certainly is not new - 1.5 million hits on YouTube - but I had not seen it before either. I just figured that I should pass it on to anyone else who has not seen it.

In summary it is about an autistic boy who has been helping out with the basketball team for several years. Then the coach puts him in for the last 4 minutes at the end of the season. To quote Jason he was "hotter than a pistol." It reminds me of the movies Rudy and Radio - only real life.

Watch it. Enjoy it. Pass it on (like some painfully annoying chain letter).

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Eldon said...

This is my all time favourite basketball story. If only every student had the opportunity to experience something like that during their high school career they would all be better off.

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