Thursday, May 6, 2010

IT Summit 2010

I really enjoyed IT Summit this year - especially Will Richardson's talks.  In some cases this conference was preaching to the crowd and other times I learned genuine new things.  The conference reaffirmed my beliefs that we need to do something different.  We need to start teaching a little bit differently.

Here are my notes from some of my favorite sessions - at least the ones that I took good notes for.  Keep in mind that I wrote these notes for myself and they may not always make sense to you.  There may also be some off topic ramblings in them as well.  Other people may also have collaborated with me on those notes so I can't take full credit for them (I love Google Docs!).

Will Richardson's Sessions (Check out Dean Shareski's notes at the bottom of the page.  His are awesome.)
  - Rob Wall recorded his keynote.  The link to watch it is in my notes.

Will Richardson's and Dean Shareski's Duel for the Top Tools (This was on happy little linkfest.  Hey but isn't not supposed to be about the tools anymore?)

My apologies if I went to your session but did not make good enough notes to post them up here.

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