Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well I added some HTML text.

I think I just did something a little dangerous. I added a hits counter to the bottom of the blog. (For those not quite so web savvy that is a little application that shows how many times somebody visits my blog.) I say dangerous because the last thing I want to know is how few people actually visit my blog.

Anyways, how did I do it? I Googled hits counter. It led me to a how to article on the Blogger site itself. The site listed several free counters and I picked EasyHitCounters at random. It gave me some HTML code to put directly into my blog. I added a new page element. When it asked me what type I chose an HTML element. I cut and paste the code from the counter directly onto that element. Done.

Okay- a couple of thoughts. First of all the free counter I used requires me to leave a link to the website that created it. Advertising for them. I am not the most comfortable about that (and may try a different counter later). I guess that they did provide a service. The other thing is that I could have set the starting number at any number I wanted. I thought about it for a minute, but who would believe me if it said that over 1000 people had visited my blog in the first week?

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