Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Discovery Streaming Video

Well I just sign up for my account at Discovery Streaming Video. It was pretty easy. Go to http://www.unitedstreaming.com/ and put in your school passcode. After that just pick a username and a password and fill in the other information. After that you just have to go ahead and download some videos.

Wow are there ever a lot of videos! I like, I like, I like! One suggestion I have is to download the video before hand and either show it from a projector hooked directly into your computer or else burn it to a disk and play it in a dvd player.

Now you must have a school passcode. My division has purchased a subscription for all of our schools (at a pretty penny I might add). If you don't know it talk to your administrator. If your school doesn't have one, talk to your administrator and get one!

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