Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Should we Gripe?


Here is somebody who is really ticked off with his division IT department. His name is Jim Gates. At a PD meeting today I quoted him and it drew a few winces from the other participants.

Once again, I guess YOUR students will just have to wait until they get OUT
of school to get their education.

He was complaining about how the Iron Curtain of blocked websites and reduced permissions can really get in the way of education.

Who is supporting whom? Isn't the network supposed to support the
curriculum? Not there. The curriculum must be rewritten to allow for the
crippled computers.

Wow. They disabled right clicking.

I may complain about the computer powers that be here in my division,



(Oh and Here too)

but we don't have it anywhere as bad as in Jim Gates' story. We also don't have it as good as others. Our conversation with Stu Harris and his description of what they do at the Regina Public School system almost made me reach for my resume. Every teacher is given a work laptop and they run a fairly free and open network. No Iron Curtain! Everybody has access to the tools they need. That is awesome.

Well I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I am typing from my division laptop right now. (It would be awesome for everyone to have one of these). I have been given four days of release time for tech PD. The content filter at our school has either been removed or scaled waaaaaayyyyyyy back. It also sounds like many of the other teachers in other schools are doing some amazing things. For the most part our division really is probably someplace in the middle of Nazi control and hippie freedom.

Okay, I will cut down on the griping, I promise. Lets just continue moving forward.

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