Monday, May 12, 2008

An Interactive Whiteboard on the Cheap (Like $100 Cheap)!!!!!!!

Wow. A Wii remote hacked into a DIY interactive whiteboard. It even works to turn your regular monitor into a tablet!

All that you need is a projector, a Wii remote, a laptop with Bluetooth, and some sort of IR light source (an easy DIY project) - oh and some open source downloads.

Thanks to Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) who pointed this out in her blog and Johnny Chung Lee (the creator).

Time to start rolling my loose change to buy the parts for one.


Donna said...


I have seen this video and thought, "how cool"! But I didn't know anyone who would know how to create one - I am looking forward to your 'invention'.

Gary Ball said...

Well, I did not invent it - I just happened to find somebody else who found the inventor. As I type this I am waiting for my son to go to sleep because I have all of the parts sitting on my table ready to be assembled.