Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Update on the Tool that Jealousy Built

Just a little bit of an update.....
One of the techs installed the software from a SMARTboard on my laptop yesterday. Great news - it works with my WiiMote interactive whiteboard! You can also download a free trial version of the the SMARTboard Notebook software. (Download it here.)

Here is the slideshow that I showed at my demo yesterday (just in case anyone wanted to see the pictures again).

Here is a link to my wiki where I have linked many of the resources I have found for the poor man's IWB.

Well today I actually used the IWB for teaching (not just playing games!). I like it. I created a flash arcade game quiz using Lots of fun!

P.S. I am still jealous of anyone with a real SMARTboard.

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pcone said...

Great presentation yesterday, Gary. I really appreciate your comments about those "have" people and we "have nots". We have 2 smart boards in our school and neither is in my'm not (very) bitter...not much....