Monday, September 8, 2008

The Poor Man's IWB in Action

Another update on the tool that jealosy built. I am using it daily and loving it. I used to use a chalkboard all of the time. (I tend to think best with a writing/drawing instrument in my hand). Now I am only on my second peice of chalk. I am constantly changing pen colors (especially in math). In fact I use it exclusively for my math notes. I am getting better and better at writing legibly.
Today one of my previous math students came looking for some his past reviews (which I am not sure I still had). I remembered that I had tested out my IWB on that subject last year with them - luckily I had saved the notes. A quick hit of the print button and he had a set of review notes.
I have not yet figured out how to fix the audio on my recordings (but I have not had a lot of time to monkey with it).
Good news however - I found a new program for running the IWB. I still use the genuine notebook software but this new program has a lot more functionality than the original software by Johnny Chung Lee. It builds on what he wrote and adds lots more. It also includes some WiiMote presenter software (that uses a second WiiMote as a remote handheld mouse and presenter remote). There's more!! I can now RIGHT CLICK!! The new program uses the space outside of the screen to add clickable hotkeys (one of them being a right click). The improved program also has some cursor smoothing as well. The smoothing helps my writing. Were was smoothing back in the primary grades?
Anyways, I was right about one thing. Putting together my poor man's IWB means that I will probably never get a real one. Looks like our school is getting two SmartBoards. Neither is going into my classroom. Rats. Still jealous.........


pcone said...

Isn't that just the truth. Did the school at least reimbuse you for your WII and batteries? your sub so you can go on the (educational) talk show circuit? The Dr. Phil of the techno-classroom???

Gary Ball said...

The school paid for the parts. My pricipal was funny - I showed it to her when I first put it together and she immediatly wanted me to put together a poor man's IWB for each teacher - until I pointed out that we didn't have enough projectors.

As for Dr. Phil - I would rather be useful.